About IFSUAE    

Created to promote and celebrate a broad range of eclectic cinema, the Indian Film Society of United Arab Emirates (IFSUAE) is a non-profit organization that offers year-round programming of films. IFSUAE maintains that the art of film must be defined in terms of selected works which indicate its essence and its possibilities.

IFSUAE presents screenings of classic and independent films followed by discussions with filmmakers and critics. We tend to avoid the “blockbuster” titles that everyone else is already talking about. Through this film society, we ultimately seek to open our horizon on understanding cinema in a better shade of light and we intend to join hands to bring about a change through IFSUAE.

We offer good Indian films from a wide range of genres and periods. Our mission is to show films that you may not choose for yourself, or which you've never heard of before, but which you will find interesting and be pleased to have watched at our Society. To help ensure that this happens, the film selection process requires that some executive members watch every film in advance, and not just depend on ratings or reviews. Further, at the end of each film, we ask the audience to rate the film anonymously. The rating results will be posted to this website, including some comments made on the ratings slip.

We show films at Abu Dhabi Indian Embassy Auditorium, offering a convivial atmosphere. 

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